“Dear’st Lisa, just wanted to drop in and say how much you are appreciated and loved by our family! Your helpfulness in directing Mike and Mary Beth to Dr. Snow was such a relief and blessing to them; we talked with them last night and they couldn’t say enough nice things about Dr. Snow and his excellent ‘reception’ of them, as total strangers, and of you for going out of your way to help find relief for Mary Beth’s bad knee. Thank you so very much.”

David H. Snow, MD

“Dr. Snow is a world class rheumatologist and, moreover, a confidant and teacher. He makes me feel comfortable and addresses my concerns succinctly and in detail. He takes all the time it requires to thoroughly diagnose my issues and to elucidate options.”

“Dr Snow is the best arthritis doctor in the area! I put all my arthritis issues and trust into this man. He is fantastic!”

“Dr. Snow really cares about his patients. Doctors like this are hard to find!”

“Dr. Snow is a very kind and caring physician who truly has an interest in his patient’s overall well-being. He communicates with my primary care physician and shares labs. I am a health care provider and I appreciate the way he practices medicine.”

“Dr. Snow is very easy to talk to and understanding of my concerns. I always feel my medical issues have been addressed by Dr. Snow in a professional and caring manner.”

“The best arthritis doctor in the area: very professional and knowledgeable.”

“I have always found Dr. Snow to be the very best in listening and responding in a way that is very positive and helpful. My physical life is better due to the treatment he has given.”

“The service is just the best overall! Friendly staff, efficient office, problems addressed, advice given, very caring & interested in helping me with my health issues, completely satisfied!”

“Dr. Snow and his staff are the very best! Love them all! They really do care about their patients!

Lisa Schaefer, MPT

“I’ve been unable to move my feet and ankles for the last 6 years and haven’t felt anything in the bottom of my feet. I’ve seen neurologists and many doctors but no one could help me until Lisa. I’m telling you she can do anything. I can now walk again and am incredibly thankful for her.”

“I have lived in pain for 7 years and only been able to shuffle. Now I can walk! I tell everyone about Lisa and her gift. It’s not just her special skills that make her a great therapist, it’s her personality and the way she listens to my concerns. Lisa is an angel.”

“Thanks to Lisa, I can now go back to school and get my degree. Before this I was stuck in bed all day with pain for the last year and a half. I’m so grateful to now have a normal life again!”

“My shoulder pain kept me awake every night for two years and prevented me from driving. Lisa fixed my pain in one visit. She is a miracle worker.”

“I could not feel my feet for over a year and a half, and had continuous back pain. After three treatments, I am pain free and able to feel the sensation in both feet again!”

“I’ve had hip and back pain for years and had to give up my hobbies outdoors, but after seeing Lisa I was able to walk further than ever. She gave me my life back!”